sarabjit singh of the family uppal

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I am known as ©sarabjit singh of the family uppal, Author of the Copyright Name Trademark Claim autograph (SARABJIT SINGH UPPAL™) or any derivative thereof HEREBY ATTEST THAT, I am Sui Juris, living, breathing, of flesh and blood, competent and capable of handling my private and commercial affairs in my full capacity as Agent for the NAME SARABJIT SINGH UPPAL ©; and I will enforce with prejudice any and all commercial notice infringements. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I hereby, herein and hereon give notice that  all the principle(s), officer(s), employee(s) and agent(s) of any and all legal fictions, companies, organisations, and corporations are to: 

1) accept fully and unconditionally that I am not (pursuant to Gods Law as stated in the Holy Bible Genesis 1:26-28) and will not be or become 'surety' and/or be or become held as 'surety' for any of your fictions, documents, accounts, cases and/or negotiable instruments herein and henceforth.

2) accept fully and unconditionally that I am the beneficiary of the trust named/titled 'MR SARABJIT UPPAL' (or any derivatives thereof). As Beneficiary, I hereby authorise you to 'discharge/settle' any and all balances (liabilities) on the account(s) forthwith by 'set-off'. If you send to me and/or provide to me in writing any 'solicitations' offering for me to change my status from beneficiary to that of trustee or executor, I hereby, herein and hereon inform you that I do not and will not accept any such solicitations. Your original documents will be marked NO CONSENT - NO CONTRACT and returned to your return address within seventy two (72) hours of their receipt. I have no wish to hold the liability for/on any trust account.

3) discharge (for all accounts you hold in the name/title of the fictional party/parties on your document(s)/account(s) /case(s)) the account(s) balance to 'zero' by 'set off'  or making a simple 'accounting adjustment' forthwith. In your commercial/equity rules it is stated that he who creates a (accounting) 'liability' must also bring (create) the remedy. Simple reasoning dictates that this is to ensure that it can be 'zero balanced' and hence peace and harmony is kept. 

4) you are herein and hereby put on STRICT NOTICE that you will be held fully responsible and liable individually and collectively to ensuring that this account is 'balanced' forthwith via your own; efforts, actions, resources and remedy and STRICTLY without any involvement with myself Master Uppal, a free Man created by God as a male and whilst ensuring that I do not suffer any loss or losses to myself, my property, my liberty, my reputation and/or my dominion. Furthermore, you are to settle any and all matters between us by either 'Striking out' or 'Discharging' or 'Dismissing' any and all matters forthwith.

4) keep the account(s) balance 'zeroed' at all times. If any charge(s) occur on/to this account in the future you are to 'zero' the account balance and keep it 'zeroed'. You are herein, hereon and hereby appointed to 'settle this account' and keep it at 'zero balance ' strictly using one if the methods aforementioned in point 3.

5) forward (as an honorable courtesy) written confirmation of the account having been 'zeroed' to me forthwith. Thereafter, you, your principle(s), officer(s) and/or your agent(s) are to STOP AND DESIST from contacting/communicating/soliciting/ pirating/privateering/prosecuting me forthwith. All offers will not be consented to. Errors will be returned to principal.

This I decide and establish, anything to the contrary notwithstanding.

I establish that this Public Notice issued Motu Proprio will be promulgated by its publication on the internet entering into force on twenty third day of the month of April, two thousand and fourteen.

If you wish to comment on or object to this notice please write, by 23rd day of April 2014 directly to me, stating the grounds of objection and your home address to c/o 5 Abingdon Close, Hillingdon, Uxbridge, Middlesex, England [non domestic], quoting the reference wwwmypublicnoticesinfo/010.

Given in England, at the c/o address of 5 Abingdon Close, Hillingdon, in the county of Middlesex on 22nd March 2014.